About Us

Not your Traditional Installers

Detroit Controls started in our home around 2000.  We have installed and tested so many different home automation systems and watched the products evolve to get better, more intuitive and easier to install. 

What really inspired us to start Detroit Controls is when we spoke to my friend with Muscular Dystrophy. We were so focused on the “cool” aspect of the products, that we completely missed the convenience side for people with disabilities. When we explained to our friend how he could control his lights, shades, locks, thermostat, etc, with his voice, he found a new sense of freedom. This is what motivates us, the ability to help people.

There are many companies that install smart home products but what really differentiates Detroit Controls, is the fact that we don’t represent any manufacturers, which allows us to install whole home systems at a fraction of the cost. Based on our extensive trial and error, we have selected the top products that we feel are the most reliable, cost effective and intuitive out there to put in your home.

Why does that matter to you? Because you will be saving time, money and many hours of frustration trying to figure out what is out there and what works together to give you the complete home automation experience.